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There's nothing like KC flavor! Now, with the rise of food trucks, you have even more options and the tastes come to you.  Here's the scoop on the scene with some of KC's favorite food trucks.

PAB’S Mobile Treats

Owner: Prebis Burton

Phone: 816-645-8057

Facebook: PAB’s Mobile Treats


According to Prebis Burton, “all food is a treat”. With PAB’S Mobile Treats you can find delicious foods such as Philly cheesesteak, fried cheesecakes, and fried apple rings. However, his most unique items are his five creative flavors of funnel cakes. From the fried Oreo funnel cake to “Choc Me Crazy”, these treats are enjoyed by customers young and old.

Prebis began cooking for his family and friends, using his own sauces and began to desire having his own restaurant. This led to the thought of a mobile food. This way, PAB’S could be accessible to more costumers in various places throughout the community.

Since 2014, Prebis has served in multiple places in the Kansas City metro area. You may have seen him at the Grub and Grove Festival, Juneteenth, and Jazz Fest. In 2016, PAB’S was nominated for the KC Fan Choice Awards and won Food Truck of the Year. However, Prebis doesn’t like to consider the food truck business a competition. “I just want to make people happy with food.” Aside from the food truck, PAB’S also provides catering and funnel cake parties for children.


Business Name: Vee’s BBQ and Casual Catering

Name of Owner: Arthur Thomas

Phone: 816-365-1572

Facebook: Vee’s Barbecue and Casual Catering LLC



When you think of food in Kansas City, naturally barbeque is the first thing that comes to mind. Vee’s BBQ and Casual Catering has a plethora of dishes to choose from, including smoked ribs and angus brisket. Of course, every main dish needs to be accompanied by sides such as crispy onion rings and finished off with a strawberry cheesecake. Vee’s BBQ has everything you need for a standard Kansas City barbeque meal.

Owner Arthur Thomas started out cooking for family, friends and co-workers. His dishes received such rave reviews, he let his mind wander to the opportunities his cooking could bring. He went to Ohio, purchased a truck, and independently built a food truck from scratch.

Arthur has been diligently working to expose Vee’s BBQ to the community. He is constantly trying new things to discover what works best for his business. Vee’s has been in numerous competitions in the Kansas City Metro area, including the Brew-B-Que competition, where he took 2nd overall in 2017.


Cajun Cabin Food Truck and Catering

Owner: Mark Drouin

Phone: 816-813-6112

Facebook: Cajun Cabin



Jambalaya. Red Beans and Rice. Shrimp Etouffee. If your thoughts traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana then you’re in the right spot. But hold off on buying that plane ticket, you can get all of that and more on the Cajun Cabin Food Truck owned by Mark Drouin.

Back in his hometown of New Orleans, Mark had a community center in the city. The center began selling treats such as nachos, snow cones and hot dogs in the backyard. However, after Hurricane Katrina, like most New Orleans, Mark had to start anew. In 2009 he moved to Kansas City, and began Cajun Cabin Food Truck two years later.

Transitioning from the south to the Midwest was a challenge and required an open mind. For example, brisk winters was something new for the company, however they were determined to make it work. Mark states that it is always important to have a backup plan. This is where the catering comes into play. “People still have to eat”, Mark states. No matter the weather, you there will always be access to Cajun Cabin. The dishes have earned a spot in the Top Three for Best Cajun Food in The Pitch Magazine on numerous occasions.




Magnolia’s on the Move

Owners: April Hall-Key and Shanita McAfee

Facebook: Magnolias On The Move



Who doesn’t like some authentic southern cooking from time to time? With items such as the Red Velvet Waffle and Shrimp and Grits, Magnolia’s on the Move is bound to have something on the menu just for you.  Meals are made from scratch by Shanita McAfee using fresh products.

Shanita recalls the inspiration for starting the business. Kansas City has a southern feel to its cooking, and she always wanted to know the difference between KC style recipes, and the dishes that area made further south. This led to much research and support from many mentors to make Magnolia’s a reality.

From the beginning to the present, Magnolia’s has definitely been on the move! The dishes have been featured in Ebony Magazine and Rising Star Business Magazine. It has also entered numerous competitions including Battle of the Sexes. This is all on top of the high volume of costumers Magnolia’s has acquired over the years. Shanita credits the fruits of her labor to constantly keeping an open mind, self-responsibility, and a healthy balance between work and home.





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