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LIVE History The American Jazz Museum

Amongst the cultural and historical 18th & Vine district there is an institution that captures the essence of an American art form and cares for the preservation of the legacy and historical importance of a Kansas City favorite throughout generations: jazz music.

The Kansas City Jazz Museum continues to celebrate the talented musicians and story-telling that were bred in Kansas City, those world-renowned that frequented KC for the happening jazz scene and the modern day musicians who come to the museum to connect with the art form and perform.

As a Kansas Citian, it should be a requirement to visit the museum and absorb the history that intertwines historical events of the civil rights movement with the sound of jazz. It is one of the only museums in the world to focus on the advancements, exhibition and preservation of jazz music.

The American Jazz Museum maintains its connection with the community raising awareness and providing unique opportunities to learn about the legends and to respect and honor their legacy. The museum also provides an opportunity to enjoy live jazz music at the Blue Room, annual concert series at the Gem Theater, and ever-changing jazz themed art gallery exhibits. 

Tours of the museum are held Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-6pm and Sunday from noon-6pm for about $10 per person. The American Jazz Museum also caters to children and students for specific events including jazz story-telling and poetry jams.

Stop by the famous Swing Shop, an official retailer for Twelve Magazine, located inside of the Jazz Museum, for memorabilia that represents the timeless art form.