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LIA MONET: Real Faces of LA

Lia Monet, one of KC’s favorite makeup artists sets out to expand her brand, making the move to LA.

12Mag: You’ve got several talents, so describe your profession?

I am a makeup artist and hair stylist. I've also grown to be a public influencer on social media.

12Mag: What are some highlights since your move?

I recently got the chance to work with clients for the BET Awards ("Dear White People" star, Logan Browning) and The ESPYs (USA Olympian, Gabby Douglas), which was a goal of mine when I decided to make the move to Cali this year.

12Mag: How’d you get trained in this field?

I attended cosmetology school at Entourage Institute of Beauty & Esthetics in Lenexa from 2011-2012 and graduated in August of 2012. Upon graduating, I then went on to attend college at Missouri State University to pursue a degree in Fashion Design/Merchandising.

12Mag So what prompted your move from KC to LA?

I moved in March of 2017. I made the move to pursue more opportunities in my industry. I felt that I had accomplished a lot while living in Kansas City and wanted to grow in my craft. Also, my boyfriend, JaRon Moore (also a KC native) was living in Cali and that was also a big part of my reason for moving.

12Mag; What do you miss about KC?

I mostly miss my family and friends. They make sure to call and check up on me a lot, but it's not the same as being there in person. Since it's summertime, I've seen a lot of events going on in KC as well, and I miss that too because nightlife was a big part of my life when I was hosting events.

12Mag: How is life in LA different from home?

There's definitely so much to do in LA. No matter what day of the week it is, there's always some type of event going on. You're also more likely to bump into a celebrity at the most random places which is pretty cool. Traffic is crazy out here! You definitely have to time out when and where you're going somewhere or you could end up being stuck for hours. Most of all, it's a very creative place. Everyone kind of has their own "thing" and expressing yourself whether through your personal look, craft, or personality is totally accepted in LA. It's like a "judge-free" zone, which I think is pretty dope.

What’s your advice for people interested in making the move?

I would tell anyone wanting to move to LA for any career purposes to just DO IT!!! Make the jump and don't look back. I was guilty of waiting for the "right" time to move and never realized that realistically there will never be a right time. You just have to have faith in God and yourself that you will succeed in your transition.

12Mag: Tell us how to stay connected?

You can always reach me by email at, Also, you can follow me on social media @liamonet on Instagram & Twitter.


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