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Destined indeed.  After establishing the Giving Hope and Help mission, McClellan decided to follow ‘God’s voice’ and next entered the ‘Be Your Possible’ essay contest hosted by Barclaycard, a MasterCard company affiliate, and won.

“I won $12,500.00!  After that, in less than a year, we were up and running.”

Giving hope and Help was granted its 501 (c) (3) status just four months after applying.

Since that inspired, whirlwind year of 2013, Giving Hope and Help has spread its wings and expanded to Texas as Texas Giving Hope and Help.  Across two states it has hosted four more annual Feminine Hygiene drives collecting well over 100,000 products that benefit not only domestic violence survivors, but women who survived recent natural disasters in the wake of the 2017 Hurricane season.

“During the 2017 annual drives we collected $10,000 worth feminine hygiene products to serve three shelters in Texas and seven in Kansas and Missouri.  We were able to help those who suffered in Texas from the hurricanes.”

November 2018, Giving Hope and Help with host is 4th annual Feminine Hygiene drive in Texas and its 6th annual drive in Kansas City, Missouri.  

Giving Hope and Help has benefited more than 13 shelters across Kansas, Missouri, and Texas in the last three years. McClellan’s intent is to extend the organization’s reach throughout the U.S. and internationally.

“Giving Hope and Help has sent products to Cambodia where some of those young ladies didn’t even know what a tampon or sanitary napkin was.  We’ve sent sanitary napkins to Nairobi, Kenya and to see the sheer joy on their faces was amazing. We’ve shipped sanitary napkins to Haiti, too. The need for feminine products is astronomical. We plan to reach two or more new countries every year.  I have a serious passion for this.  There’s a need.”

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