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Care Package

“It was definitely the spirit of God that day.”

That day in October of 2013 became a year that became two that became three and counting.  Jessica McClellan explains what happened the day the idea of Giving Hope and Help Inc. was birthed into her.

Jessica downtown

“I like to coupon. I had been collecting coupons for sanitary napkins for a while and had plenty.  I was hit very strong one day, while driving with a thought: I wondered if women in these local domestic violence shelters needed these products.”

Jessica explains that she suddenly pulled over and began calling shelters.

“The first one I called I got no answer but the second one I called the voice that answered - I call it ‘The Voice’ -  she told me people rarely think to donate these items and there was a great need.  She then asked me if I’d like to come take a tour.  When she gave me the address it just happened it was right across the street!”

A philanthropist, humanitarian, motivational speaker and advocate for domestic violence survivors, Jessica established the Feminine Hygiene Product Drive within The Giving Hope and Help organization. This began as a movement to bring awareness to the problem that plagues domestic violence shelters and other places of refuge for women survivors; proper feminine care. 

“In November that same year for my birthday rather than gifts, I asked people to bring me sanitary napkins and tampons.”

Jessica hosted her birthday party that year, the ‘Thanksgiving Birthday Give’ at the Kansas City Public Library on the Plaza.

“That was the official launch of Giving Hope and Help along with the first Feminine Hygiene Product Drive.  I had nothing prepared but knew it was destined.  That day I received over 5,000 donations which I sent to two locations of the Hope House in Jackson County. ”

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