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Staff & Contributors: JOIN

We’re open to staff and contributors of all backgrounds, types and areas of interest.  If you’ve got a little extra time, join the movement:

DOWNLOAD our Contributor PDF for full details, but the following summarizes a couple of key opportunities:

Contributor—write, design, style, shoot, promote, plan events, development as little as one time and receive name credit with your published work. 

Staff/Crew—individuals who make a monthly contribution, in one of our talent or support areas (write, design, style, shoot, promote, plan events, development, etc.) and help in ongoing promotion of the 12Mag Movements (magazine, events, products). Entitled to a variety of tickets, discounts, free ad space, and referrals for their business, plus first in line for any paid opportunities we have.  Not full-time or a large amount of time, but it takes a commitment to the mag and helping us grow.